How to Handle Flooded Carpet in Melbourne


Safe Handling of Flooded Carpeting

If your home has been flooded and your home is carpeted then it is likely that your carpets will also be flooded with water and in this way your carpets can also be ruined.

The best solution is to call a certified restoration company like the CS Water Pros to help fix the damage.

However, you need not to worry as with the help of these simple and easy tips, you can easily employ a DIY method of flooded carpet cleanup process:

Cleaning: In the first flooded carpet cleanup process the first method would be to clean the flooded carpet yourself. In this process, you can use a carpet cleaning solution that is anti-microbial, and one which will be able to offer you with odor protection. It may be that your carpet may require several cleanings before you can safely walk on it barefoot. You will also have to ensure that if your carpet is older and also that it has been submerged in water for more than 24 hours then the best alternative would be to replace it rather than trying to save it.

Drying process: You should place circulating fans in your home as these fans will allow for rapid drying. When your carpet is drying you should clean the carpet with the help of an expert firm carpet steam cleaner which will help in getting rid of any sort of microbes in the carpet from floodwater. You should also take note of the fact that only your carpet can be dried and cleaned dried, but if the carpet’s padding is wet or soaked then it has to be replaced. The reason for this is that it is not possible to salvage the padding of your carpet after it becomes wet. It becomes an excellent idea to remove the carpet to clean it.

In the flooded carpet cleanup process it also entails to getting the carpet dry as fast as possible. You can do this yourself by making use of a specialized wet/dry vacuum cleaner. You can also make use of dehumidifiers or fans to keep the air circulating and reduce the chance of mould growing. When your carpet becomes completely dry, spray baking soda on the surface and vacuum your flooded carpet again to reduce odor. When you have unrolled the carpet splash both sides of the carpet with a garden hose, and then sprinkle it with a pine based cleaning solution or ammonia and let it seep for some time. Your next process would be to spray the carpet with a water hose again on both the sides until all of the suds disappear. By laying your carpet in the sun becomes the quickest way to dry the carpet. When your carpet is completely dry, it can then be returned indoors.

So, with the help of these simple tips, you can easily save your flood damaged carpet from being completely ruined.